Monday, February 1, 2016

The Business of Art

Today I've been sitting here at my computer, doing business-y things, and daydreaming about those days when I used to paint.  Do you remember those days?  Silly balloon animals and things popping up every day?  I remember those days so fondly.  

"What happened to those days, though?!?  Will they ever come back?" you might ask.

I certainly hope so!!  Those days are not gone forever, I fervently hope.  My days of late have been consumed with the business side of art: photographing paintings; digitally retouching/preparing/cropping them; updating my Etsy shop; trying to figure out how to add things certain ways to my Etsy shop; reading Etsy forums to figure out return policies; trying to figure out where in the heck on Etsy I can add a return policy; calculating costs and prices for prints and paintings; searching Tinder for a handsome, wealthy man to marry so I can afford to live as an artist; searching and borrowing policies from other Etsy get the picture.

The business of being an artist is making painting seem like something someone else who looked an awful lot like me but with fewer bags under her eyes used to do.  But the business of being an artist is what allows me to be an artist and not a Target sales associate, and so I push forward gleefully and with a manic grin on my face, hoping to one day paint again.  

Good news, though: all of this insanity means that there will be prints available on my shop this week!!  And to thank you all for your patience, there will be a coupon code available, too, as soon as all of the prints are up.  I'll keep updating you as progress happens.  Seriously, though, I can't thank you all enough for sticking with me through all of this!!  Your support has helped make this all worthwhile.  And to my GoFundMe patrons I give an extra special thank you!!  Your rewards will be coming soon!  (You can still donate to the cause if you're interested!  Just click here.)

Stay tuned for a blog post coming soon about the anxiety puffer fish who lives in my chest.  Her name is Patrice, and I have come to terms with her...