Friday, January 29, 2016

Giveaway #3!

Today's giveaway is going to be awesome!!  The giveaway this time around will be any one item from my Etsy shop!! (...Excluding original paintings. Though if you see a painting on there you DO want, there are two ways you can make it yours...see below!)

The way to enter will be a bit different from the last two. Here's what to do:

1. Head over to my Etsy shop (click here or go to and search kathartist) and look around a bit. Then come back here and comment with your favorite thing in my shop (the one you'd want if you won). You may also comment on today's giveaway posts on Facebook or Instagram if you prefer. If what you want is one of the original paintings, you can comment with that and if you win, receive a print of that painting! could go ahead and purchase the painting... ;) (With the 10% off coupon code BEATTHEBLUES until midnight!!) 

2. Share this blog post (or my social media posts promoting it) or my Etsy shop on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Be sure to tag me in it so I know it was done! 

If you do those two things, you're entered to win! Bonus entries can be earned by sharing on more than one social media site, making a purchase on my Etsy shop (did I mention the 10% off coupon code BEATTHEBLUES that's available until midnight Friday?), or or tagging friends on my posts! 

SUPER bonus: if you entered either of my other giveaways or bid on the auctions this week, you'll automatically be given one entry into this giveaway! (Though more entries can still be earned in the ways listed above.) 

This giveaway will be open until 10pm today! (1/29/16)

Happy Friday, everyone!! And thank you for having some fun with me this week!! 

Since you'll all know how to find my Etsy shop, check back Monday to see new things, including more options for prints!


  1. My favorite is the Eiffel Tower Print!

  2. I'd probably got with Balloon Giraffe Descending A Staircase. Artistic genius!

  3. I like the balloon animals that go on the easel OR Bassy in the rain!

  4. I love the Ice cream Tower print! Reminds me of Ludington!

  5. My favorite is the blue door impressionist painting.